Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Beginnings.

There is a good chance I have titled at least on blog post with this title.  And that is because I have had several 'fresh starts' in the last 4 years.  To recap...

Moved to Florida
Met a boy
Stayed in Florida
Agreed to marry the boy
Promptly freaked out and ended the relationship
Moved back to Utah
Found a best friend
Found a new boyfriend
Breakup with boyfriend (press repeat button for roughly a year and a half)
Move in with best friend
Break up with best friend (major trauma)
Move into own apartment
Work drama happening throughout
Get fired from job
A few months later can no longer pay rent on awesome one bedroom apt.
Find new house with strangers
Move in with strangers

And now we are caught up.  So now that thats done I can fill you in on the rest.  Turns out my new house and roommates are all super awesome.  I adore everyone of them for all of their own reasons.  I have also made a few super awesome friendships in the past few months. I am grateful daily that I have these people in my life for so many reasons.  End cheese.  I am still jobless and starting to feel the effects of that.  Ugh.  Hopefully have a few awesome jobs on the horizon.  That or maybe that guy with the giant check and the balloons will show up on my door and I can go on watching SVU for days at a time.  Oh that Stabler gets me everytime. *sigh*.

One new thing has happened to me that I really didn't expect.  I can cook.  I can also bake.  No I do not open a box add an egg and veggie oil and place in the oven.  PALEASE! It makes me sad just thinking about it.  My new hobby is that I love to make delicious things to put in your mouth.  And apparently so do other people.  My roommates are starting to complain that I am going to make them fat.  I told them to go for a walk.  I have developed a new passion.  The most exciting thing about this is that it is, except for photography,  the only hobby I have ever done, started, tried because I wanted to.  I have a really bad habit of adopting hobbies of friends and particularly boyfriends.  Oh you like to rock climb? I LOVE rock climbing... I did it once like 6 years ago.  Don't get me wrong I have found a few things that I enjoy doing from those friends and ex's... but not like this. Not even close.  I can, and have, spend hours upon hours reading cooking/baking blogs searching out recipes that I will just die if I don't get a chance to make them. I have made quite a few successful things in the last month or so and I won't be stopping anytime soon.  Unfortunately I have only taken photos of a few of them.  There is a good chance that this blog is going to turn into a baking blog.  Because it seems to be the only thing I want to do and or talk about these days.  Either that or I will make a separate blog if I am feeling so enthusiastic. We will see.  Clearly I'm not exactly a daily blogger as it is. 

I'm not even going to say that's going to change... because whenever I do I go at least 6 months before I even open it again. 

So there you have it.  Things and stuff.